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Comes with a free triple tube, ultimate shave / facial set worth 5.95. Simon Shaw, Wahl UK Artistic Director said of the new shaving brush The men-u Premier, synthetic bristle shaving brush is the best I have ever used! The bristles are easily cleaned and you use less product. I have always felt uncomfortable about using badger bristles. Good barbers use a quality shaving brush to facilitate the optimum shave. The bristles have to be a balance between resistance to raise the beard and softness to generate a fine, rich lather. These bristles are soft like badger (definitely NOT badger as they are synthetic!) but with resistance to raise the beard, making a closer cut easier. After 3 years in development - this is a revolutionary, new type of shaving brush. Probably, the first significant change to the shaving brush in over 250 years and we believe it is simply the best shaving brush you will have used! What makes this shaving brush & stand so great? The magnified images below (1200 3000x magnification) taken by Southampton University, Bio Medical Department feature badger bristles on the left and Premier synthetic on the right. Badger bristles are very much like human hair in that they have scales making for a rough surface, they tend to be damaged and often hollow. This means that approximately 50% of shave crme being used penetrates and coats the bristles never to make it to the area to be shaved and not all is rinsed out after use. Hence the reason why these bristles suffer from product build up over time and need to be cleaned out as well as using approximately twice the amount of shave creme! The synthetic bristles are non-absorbent, so they need less shave crme and create a richer lather. Add a little more water to the bristles after shaving and you will probably have enough lather for a second, closer shave. Easier to clean the bristles and keep them clean. Using the stand helps promote the longevity of the bristles and is best hygieni

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