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DynaPro™ Gain high protein weight gainer is a calorie dense supplement formulated to support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass in hardgainers and those looking to add healthy calories to their diet.
This calorie dense, whey protein formula has been designed to combine the healthiest selection of ingredients in a great tasting and convenient shake to specifically help with healthy weight gain. The superior weight gain blend brings together a sophisticated combination of protein and carbohydrates, to provide sustained amino acid and carbohydrate release for ongoing lean mass support. Not only does this mean you are adding 380 quality calories per serving to your diet, but the effects are longer lasting.
For those looking to super dose protein, carbohydrates and more importantly total calorie intake, we recommend consuming 3 shakes per day making it, gram for gram, one of the most calorie dense gainers on the market. Each 100g serving provides a massive 32g of protein from the uniquely designed DynaPro™ Gain Complex, which utilises premium sources of Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate and Calcium Caseinate. This high quality blend supplies protein to your muscles over a prolonged period meaning it is ideal for consumption throughout the day. As protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass it is an essential nutrient for anyone taking part in regular exercise.
In addition to the muscle building protein, DynaPro™ Gain provides 47g of carbohydrates per serving. Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient for supporting muscle glycogen stores and ensuring the body can produce sufficient levels of energy for an active lifestyle. As the carbohydrate content is supplied largely through slow release, low GI (glycaemic index) sources, the body will be in continuous receipt of this valuable nutrient helping to control blood glucose and reducing the risk of large insulin spikes/crashes.
Finally, with a healthy supply of fat and fibre, DynaPro™ Gain high protein weight gainer is the premier choice for anyone looking to add the best calories to their diet in a great tasting and convenient shake, helping you #BeYourBest

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