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What is CNP Pro Milk Thistle?Milk thistle is a botanical extract thats said to benefit liver function. Its often used as co-ingredient in recovery products, or as a standalone supplement. CNP Milk Thistle offers a simple way for you to incorporate this potent herbal remedy into your regime. Being a premium lifestyle brand, CNP offer a diverse range of sports nutrition products for every level of fitness. Longstanding expertise, high-end ingredients and scientific research are at the basis of their development, and the drivers of your results. Milk thistle, or Silybum marianum, is a traditional, fruit bearing herb, native to the Mediterranean. Its been used for thousands of years to help treat various ailments, usually relating to digestion. Research suggests that it may improve/accelerate the regeneration of liver cells, due to an active ingredient known as silymarin a type of flavanoid, thought to be central to the therapeutic qualities of this powerful plant. CNPs Milk Thistle can benefit active individuals by supporting athletic performance and general health, in a readily available format. What makes its formula special?|| Each serving offers a potent botanical extract, designed to promote healthy function of the liver and digestive system. || Delivers 174mg of the active ingredient in milk thistle, silymarin. || Contains the equivalent of 7200-8100mg of milk thistle fruits. || Supports athletic performance, along with general health and well-being.|| Available in a convenient capsule format. How can CNP Pro Milk Thistle help me reach my goals?Milk thistle can be valuable to those taking increased levels of testosterone, thermogenics or similar supplements; for example, during the off cycle. Potentially, CNPs Milk Thistle could prove useful following periods of indulgence with rich food and alcohol, both of which can tax the liver. Milk Thistle can help you take care of the more subtle aspects of your health, comprehensively. Who is CNP Milk Thistle suitable for?|| All types of active individuals particularly those who cycle other supplements, such as thermogenics (fat-burners) or testosterone support products.|| Those looking for a natural formula to help look after their digestive system. || People have a social events coming up.

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