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Acetyl L-Carnitine Tablets at an affordable price
Cleverly converting fat into energy
Are you looking for an effective weight loss and energy supplement that works every time? You've now found it. Protein Dynamix™ ALCAR is a premium source of the powerful amino acid Acetyl L-Carnitine. Lose weight. Feel more energetic. Train harder and for longer. Get the results you desire from your dedicated training regime, and reach your slimming goals, by having Protein Dynamix™ ALCAR support you all the way.
Make a smart investment in Protein Dynamix™ ALCAR and:

Mobilise stored fat for energy production
Supplement amino acid levels (L-Carnitine) whenever you need to
Reduce body fat safely and without feeling unwell through starving yourself
Manage your weight (get to the size you want to be, and stay there) more easily and in a totally risk-free way

Where else can L-Carnitine be found? The answer is in seafood, poultry, dairy products, red meat.... Use L-Carnitine to bring your amino acid levels back to where they should be after high intensity exercise. And if you're following a low calorie or meat-free diet - and are rarely keen on visiting a gym! - supplementing your daily diet with ALCAR is something to seriously consider.
Transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria
Protein Dynamix™ ALCAR is affordable, quick and easy to take, and works by breaking unwanted body fat down and then turning it into energy. It’s such a clever product that fatty acids are transported into the mitochondria directly – the wonderful result of years of scientific research and testing.
This is one of the few supplements available to buy that performs a dual role: the control and management of weight combined with energy support where high intensity training is preferred. As an essential amino acid, L-Carnitine is already in your system. The problem is that the level of it can reduce when you're training in explosive way, in intense short bursts. That's where ALCAR comes in!
Should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet
Staying fit and well involves regularly exercising, maintaining a balanced diet, and avoiding all the bad stuff (alcohol, cigarettes, a sedentary 'coach potato' lifestyle...). Supplements should never be perceived as or used as a replacement for food. You simply have to eat well and regularly, to get all the vital vitamin and minerals you need. Use Protein Dynamix™ ALCAR as a great supplement (1 tablet 3 times a day is recommended). There's 500mg ALCAR per tablet – tablets that are quick and easy to consume, as well as being affordable to buy. Perfect!

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