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The Brand new polar RS300x is the uprade to the previuosly best selling POLAR RS200 (which is now discontinued) You're already on the right track with your training.With the RS300x,you can go all the way. The RS300x give you a true understanding of the effort you put in with essential hear trate monitor features.The RS300x is so simple to use,all your training goals are within reach. Available as optionsal accesories to add later , the polar G1 Gps sensor and Polar S1 footpod add speed and distance measurment capability to the RS300x for various outdoor sports,so you know it's worth all the effort.You can upload your traing data to the polar personal trainer website with the flowlink Accesory. G1 GPS ( Optional ) The Rs300x is compatible with the polar G1 GPS Sensor.The G1 sensor attaches to your upper arm,and is able to accurately measure your speed and distance in any outdorr sport . If you add a G1 GPS Sensor to your RS300x It then becomes an RS300x G1. S1 Footpod (optional) The RS300x Is compatible with the S footpod. THe S1 footpod attaches toyour shoe laces and is able to accurately measure your speed and distance. If you add the S footpod to your RS300x , it then becomes a RS300X SD (SD Stands for speed and distance) WHATS IN THE BOX Polar RS300x Heart Rate Monitor ( Black) Polar Wearlink + Transmitter Belt Polar Fitness Test Measures your fitness level in 5 minutes.a fitness test that measures your aerobic/cardiovascular fitness at rest in just five minutes. The result ,Polar OwnIndexpredicts your maximal oxygen uptake (v02Max). With the polar fitness test you can measure your aerobic fitness by yourself,automactically and without any exertion. No other equipment other than a heart rate monitor is needed. The Polar Fitness Test ia as accurate in predicting the V02Max as any sub-maximal fitness test. The test is based on gender,age,height,bodyweight,level of Physical Activity,heart rate and heart rate vaiability at rest . The own Inde

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