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What is CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin?For very active individuals especially endurance athletes or those who partake in sports fuel is everything. High-end training lends to the depletion of muscle glycogen, which is the bodys stored form of glucose. As a simplified, single carbohydrate molecule, glucose is a source of energy that helps to sustain workouts. CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin is a quality carb powder, designed to promote normal muscle function and support recovery. Pioneers of a premium lifestyle brand, CNP combines years of expertise with detailed research and superior ingredients, bringing you a range of solutions to your training needs. Cyclic dextrin is a relatively new addition to the sports nutrition market; its considered a complex carbohydrate, made by breaking down a substance known as amylopectin with the application of enzymes. Derived from plants, amylopectin is a polysaccharide and one of the two components that forms starch. Chemically, its water-soluble and has many branches; this means it can be formed into longer, more complex chains of carbohydrate using enzymatic treatment. As a result of this, highly-branched cyclic dextrin according to studies has a rapid rate of absorption, encouraging an effective uptake of nutrients, post-workout. Pro Cyclic Dextrin is 100% pure with no hidden nasties or fillers. Its geared especially towards those who exercise for highly intense and/or long periods such as runners, cyclists and swimmers. Simply add to your protein shakes, smoothies or juice to help reduce muscle fatigue and maintain glycogen stores. What makes its formula special?|| Each serving delivers pure, highly-branched cyclic dextrin powder to help sustain muscle glycogen and combat fatigue.|| A rapid absorption rate is said to enhance recovery and nutritional status, post-training when you need it most.|| Perfect for highly active sports men and women/endurance athletes. || Convenient and easy to use. || Sugar-free; void of fillers and artificial ingredients. How can CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin help me reach my goals?When glycogen stores are low and youre running on empty, this can lead to premature fatigue, impacting your training. Endurance activities call for quality sustenance; you want to go the distance not collapse before youve reached your peak. One way to achieve this is ensuring that your glycogen levels are adequately accounted for sometimes referred to as carb-loading. Pro Cyclic Dextrin allows you to effectively prepare for your challenge ahead. Since its a powder, you can accurately measure your carb count for the day, relative to your targets; its also great in the lead-up to an event! Who is CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin suitable for?|| Endurance athletes and sports men and women (in particular).|| Those looking for an innovative, effective carb powder. || Individuals prepping for an event.

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