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What is Protein Cake Mix? Protein Cake Mix from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is a delicious, gooey dessert mix that you can whip up in seconds. Another cracking innovation from the team at TPW™ Towers, this indulgent pudding is high in protein and fibre, but contains less than 2g of fat per serving. Protein Mug Cake Mix is formulated with natural flavours and a premium protein blend to deliver an excellent nutrient profile. No cooking skills required, just follow our simple directions. We even give you endless ways to pimp your pud to create the ultimate guilt-free treat. The Story Behind Protein Cake Mix With a social reach of over 3 million, TPW™ customers across all our social channels are constantly coming up with new ways of using our products and innovating at a pace that we just love! The TPW™ Lab have taken home-made mug cakes to a whole new level with probably the best thing since the Protein Pancake Mix! Totally unique, delicious and with nutritionals that can hold their own in any company, our Protein Mug Cake Mix fits the mantra of next-level, zero compromise protein snacks here at TPW™ Towers. Pimp Your Protein Cake Mix Although our latest dessert tastes incredible right out of the mug, we have provided a long list of ideas for you to pimp your pud and take things stratospheric! Simply click on the 'Directions for Use' tab and be as creative as you dare to be. What Are The Scientifically Proven Benefits of Whey Protein Concentrate? Protein is one of the most widely researched sports nutrition ingredients and the following benefits have been scientifically proven through independent research and officially approved by the European Food and Safety Authority: Protein has been found to contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass Protein has been found to contribute to the maintenance of normal bones Protein has been found to contribute to a growth in muscle mass Protein Cake Mix Quality Assurance Here at THE PROTEIN WORKS™, you can have supreme confidence in the pro

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