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Macro Tracking: Eat What You Love AND Achieve Your Fitness Goals If you think you need to eat the same boring foods day in and day out to achieve your fitness goals, think again! We hear the saying “food is fuel” all the time and it’s true! When you understand how your body needs to be fueled, and with what kinds of food (or macronutrients), you have so much power to call the shots! No longer do you need to stick to a meal plan with the same three foods on in it all the time because you are afraid making a change will mess up your results.

Understanding macros will give you the power and freedom to really give your body what it needs and also help you feel satisfied along the way. Because if you’re miserable trying to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals, then you’re doing it wrong ;) I want everyone to understand the WHY and HOW behind how these goals are achieved--that is how you can have long-term success in your goals in achieving your ideal body. That’s why I wrote this book for you! My Ultimate Guide to Macros lays out everything you need to know to understand how to begin to track your macros. I explain all about macronutrients, what they do for your body, how to calculate your individual macros, how to put together meals that fit your macros, and even give you real-life examples of women who manage their nutrition by tracking macros.

IdealLean Supplements Will Help You Along the Way All the macronutrients are important in achieving your ideal body composition; you have to have the right balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates whether you are trying to lose body fat, build muscle, or gain strength.

IdealLean Protein and Protein Bars both offer the help you need to get to your macronutrient numbers. From straight protein to a balanced mix of all three macros, IdealLean Protein and Protein Bars is a great addition to your food options; especially when you need simple, easy to prepare or on-the-go choices.

And of course our variety of supplements will help you with your performance and micronutrient needs.

I use IdealLean Protein and Protein Bars daily to help me reach my macros and they make it so easy to do so! I meet my macro goals and also satisfy my sweet tooth--it’s definitely a win-win.

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